Suzuki Violin

—  Music lessons for children ages 3-93, rooted in the belief that anyone can learn. 


Suzuki Violin Lessons in Memphis and Olive Branch


Arron Powell Music is a Suzuki violin studio that serves the greater Memphis area, with locations in East Memphis and Olive Branch, MS. 


Music is a language that everyone can learn. 

Musical literacy is an essential part of literacy as a whole, and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to speak, read, and enjoy the language of music. The investment you make in music lessons provides life-long enjoyment and new ways to create and express yourself. Whether you're ready to get your child started with music or are interested to learn as an adult, violin lessons are a great place to begin! 


Arron Powell is an experienced teacher who is deeply rooted in Memphis. 

If you're a parent looking into music lessons for your child (or yourself!), the options can seem overwhelming. We get it, and are here to help. Arron Powell is a Memphis native who has helped many families begin their musical journey with violin. He has taught violin lessons for 19 years, is an active member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, through which he has registered teacher training in Books 1-5, Every Child Can, and Suzuki Principles in Action.

Unlike larger programs where teachers come and go, Arron has built his life around creating and teaching music in the Memphis area. With a smaller studio, there is space and time to explore your child's interests and adapt to their individual pace and learning style. Siblings and families are always welcome, and group classes and recitals give students the opportunity to connect with their musical peers. 


Yes, your child is probably ready for lessons, and no, you're not too old to start, either. 

"How young can my child start violin lessons?" Children are typically able to begin violin lessons between ages 3-5, depending on the child's development and maturity level. Violin lessons are a great way to introduce your child to discipline and responsibility in a structured learning environment that moves at their pace. Arron is experienced with children of all ages and helps to keep them engaged through games and small, success-oriented steps.

Signs of readiness for younger children include:

  • Follows basic directions

  • Expresses an interest in violin/music that persists over time

  • Can stay engaged for at least 15 minutes of a 30-minute lesson

  • Parent is willing to devote 10-15 minutes per day to home practice with their child

If you're an adult who is interested and wondering, "Is it too late? Do I have time?" the answer is it's NEVER too late and there's always a little time to learn something that's just for you! Arron can work around your busy schedule and help you set realistic goals so that you can enjoy learning the language of music for yourself.


Build a solid foundation with Suzuki violin lessons. 

The Suzuki Method was developed by Shinichi Suzuki and is based on his tried-and-true principle that anyone can learn to play music. You don't have to be a "natural" or "musically inclined" to learn this new skill! Suzuki approaches music in the same way that one learns to speak their native language — first comes hearing, then speaking, then reading. Small, success-oriented steps are the hallmark of Suzuki lessons and the method is review-based and cumulative.

The violin is a perfect first instrument that comes in a wide range of sizes, giving even the smallest of musicians the opportunity to learn. The violin is portable enough to be taken anywhere and grows with your child. 

Available slots are limited—request more information today to begin on the path of learning the language of music!


From the Arron Powell Music Blog: 

“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens. If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.” -Shinichi Suzuki