—  Custom, versatile, idiomatic composition services for any level, based on your needs


Custom Composition, Arranging, Typesetting, and Orchestrations


Arron Powell Music offers a variety of music services that can be tailored to your ensemble's instrumentation, skill level, and style needs. Arron specializes in sacred choral music, but has experience with writing and arranging for orchestra, chamber ensembles, singer/songwriters, and school ensembles. He writes with each individual musician in mind, and strives to make each part idiomatic, enjoyable to play or sing, and engraved in a way that is clear and easy to follow. 


Original Compositions

Arron specializes in new tunes for texts of your choosing (either in the public domain, or text you have rights to) for solo or ensembles of any size, sacred choral anthems with original melodies, and short instrumental or vocal works, for ensembles of any size and instrumentation.


Custom Arrangements

If you have an existing melody or hymn tune you love, let Arron breathe new life into it by creating a custom arrangement for an ensemble of any size and instrumentation. Or, have Arron customize one of his existing works to fit your ensemble's size and instrumentation.


Whether you need a full orchestration of an existing arrangement, additional parts for a particular instrument or small ensemble, or to fit an existing work to your performance forces, Arron can create, enlarge, or reduce an orchestration to suit your needs.

Orchestration Services


Transcription Services

In cases when the original music is unavailable for purchase, with permission from the copyright holder, Arron can provide transcription from audio for works of any scope or genre. Smaller-scale works of up to 5 individual voice or instrumental parts, can usually be transcribed note for note. For large, orchestral works, Arron will work to approximate your audio recording as close as possible to the original.


Are you tired of fighting with your music or leaving music unperformed because of missing parts or scores? Arron specializes in clear, readable, and beautifully engraved scores and parts by

  • providing new typesetting for handwritten or difficult-to-read parts
  • re-engraving for accessibility (large print or wider spacing)
  • recreating scores from parts (and vice versa)
  • giving older scores a cleaner, more modern look

Typesetting and Engraving Services

Commissions are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rush charges may apply for last-minute projects. Additional charges may apply to secure proper copyright permissions. Arron Powell Music does not provide services for copyrighted music without express, documented permission from the copyright holder. 


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