School is in: when should my child start violin lessons?

Summer is coming to a close, a new school year is upon us, and families are starting to settle into their back-to-school routines.

Many parents, especially those with younger children, prefer to wait until these routines are established before looking into extracurricular activities. Let's face it: July is a giant race until August, with endless supply lists, to-do lists, last-minute vacations, registrations, and by the time you get there you need a couple of weeks to come up for air. 


Now that you've perfected the art of packing lunch and getting small humans to school on time, you might be thinking about starting violin lessons. 

August into September is a great time to sign up for violin lessons and begin incorporating practice into your routine! Arron Powell Music is a small private studio option located in both East Memphis and Olive Branch, and we are still accepting new students for our 2017-2018 term.  

What's the benefit of a small private studio?

The Arron Powell Music Suzuki Violin Studio doesn't come with lots of extra fees or requirements to come to weekly group classes in addition to your regularly scheduled lesson. Our group lessons are part of a good Suzuki foundation and strongly encouraged, but we understand that families are doing the best they can and there's no pressure if you can't manage it. 

Convenient location: Our East Memphis studio is located on the border of East Memphis and Germantown and is conveniently located near I-240  and Walnut Grove. Our Olive Branch studio is located at Christ Presbyterian Church, which is located at Craft Rd. and 302, and is easy to get to from Memphis as well as DeSoto County. 

Flexibility: With a smaller studio, there is more flexibility if your needs change. There's no middle man between you and your teacher, so when life happens and you need to switch times or adjust your schedule, Arron can work with you directly to find a solution. 

Longevity: Arron Powell is committed to the Memphis area and is here to stay- you won't experience the teacher turnover that can come with a larger program. He takes time to get to know your family and can teach siblings too!

How much time should I plan for violin lessons and practice?

The average beginning student can expect to have a 30-minute weekly lesson. Daily practice time varies with your child's age. A younger child in preschool or kindergarten should expect to practice around 10 to 15 minutes every day and a slightly older beginner should expect daily practice time to last between 15 and 30 minutes with the time increasing as the term goes on and abilities grow. 

All students should incorporate listening into their daily routines. Commute times make great listening times! As with most music lessons, your mileage may vary, and the more you practice and listen, the more success you will have.