Schedule a Weekly Lesson Time in Olive Branch, Or Schedule a Makeup.

Set up your regular lesson time for the school year, or set up a makeup lesson using these convenient calendars!


Olive Branch Student Scheduling

Schedule a Regular Lesson time or a Makeup Lesson (scroll down) in Olive Branch

Instead of the paper calendar of years past, you can now schedule your makeup and/or your regular weekly lesson time here!
If you use an electronic calendar, you'll be able to add these lesson times to that calendar. You will also receive reminder emails before lessons.

Schedule a Weekly lesson time

Please note: You only need to schedule one (1) weekly lesson time for the date of your first lesson.

Schedule a Makeup Lesson

Student Portal 

With the student portal, you can: 

  • Sign, view, and print contracts

  • Pay, view, and print invoices

  • View and print any documents uploaded

  • See emails in one place

Studio Calendar

This is the general calendar for the APM violin studio. You can reference it to see which week of lessons we are on, scheduled breaks, when group class is happening, and any other studio-wide events. This calendar is for reference only.